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Candy Shoppe~

Since I’ve been avidly collecting miniatures lately, I considered making some of my own. After finding some little glass jars in my crafting cupboard, I decided to use them. And what better thing to put in tiny jars than CANDY!

I didn’t want to make anything too intricate yet, especially since I don’t have much good clay right now. (All of my colored clay is very stiff and hard to work with) So I just made some nice little candy sticks.


I managed to work the stiff purple into a workable snake and twisted it with some white to make either grape or huckleberry candies. Whatever works.


Since my pink and white clay were softer than the brown, the brown clay sort of disappeared inside the stick and can’t be seen as well. I guess it’s like strawberry chocolate vanilla candy? Maybe it’s a wafer stick.


Because they were so tiny and thin and I didn’t want them to burn, I spent like eight minutes just staring through the glass oven door, making sure they didn’t burn. I had to trim them a little with a hobby knife once they had baked so they sat in the jar right, but they turned out pretty well for my first decent miniatures!

IMG_1439 IMG_1440

(Though it was pretty simple and I figured it out mostly on my own by looking at a picture, I did have this tutorial open: http://www.guidecentr.al/make-polymer-clay-miniature-choco-wafer-sticks/FypcGG0Vg2 )

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to have famous artist friends. Like, with popular webcomics. Or just famous in general. Like you say “I really like [famous internet artist]’s work. And your friend says “Oh yeah, them. Me too.”

Like what would that be like. To know famous people. Who do art.

Maybe I already do. And I’m just not aware of the circle in which they are famous.

These are the things I wonder about at night.